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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Love Adventure

The life of love is adventure. whoever likes something unique and strong can take this life. Love isn't for the everyone. 
We learn love diligently. It isn't bestowed accidentally. We don't find ourselves in love by chance. We don't fall in true love. Love isn't ordinary. True lovers who understand its value practice it and give themselves wholly to it. 
Love takes to identifying oneself to the loved one in understanding. And understanding others takes to give yourself to know them in humility. 
Love isn't cheap and it isn't for everyone. The life of love is the life of determination and perseverance not just accidental. The lazy don't survive in the life of love as its standards are high. Love isn't for the lazy as it takes to make an effort to diligently understand those who are different from us. The life of love isn't for the wimpy and the weak. Love tests our endurance thoroughly . Love takes to stand on the vow we give in the difficult situations. Love is so powerful that the only reason that makes us continue is the word of promise that we give to the other. 
Love is so valuable that it is the only way we stand the true test of patience in it. Love is so unique and constant that we care for others not only in the good days but also in the days that are not so pleasant.
Love isn't a straight line. It takes to stand the ups and the downs of life in patience and without giving up. Love isn't emotion as it takes to stand in the midst of the change of our emotion. 
Love isn't for the proud as it takes to value others above yourself. Love isn't for the selfish as it so high life that it diligently works to add value in the life of others. And love is so satisfied din its progress that it always rejoices in the success of others. 
Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, Philippians 2:3 
Love isn't for the poor-me mentality as it takes to see yourself rich who always have something to give to others. 
Love isn't for the discontented as they constantly focus their lack in life. Love is for the contented and for those ready to give and share what they have. 
Love is so understanding and confident that it believes in someone when nobody believes in them. 
Love isn't an easy task , it takes to make a room for your enemies in your heart. Love is a disciplined life style in which we don't use our power to do evil to others when we are able to do it. Love is nothing less than an adventure. 
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