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Saturday, March 26, 2016

A sure way of Signing up God as your enemy

The ark angel Satan was Lucifer. He fall down to nothingness because of pride. The first men Adam fall for lack of humility.

If we are proud and think we can't fall we are deceiving ourselves.

Pride comes before a fall. If pride comes fall is inevitable.

God doesn’t want to be anyone's enemy. That is the reason he admonishes us frequently to humble ourselves.

But if he sees a proud person he can’t help it except to make sure that the person is humbled again.
Humbling ourselves is our assignment. We don't give excuses. We don't blame anyone else. Humble yourself. Do it yourself.

If you want God as your enemy, just be proud.

But whoever humbles himself will be exalted by God Himself.  

Let’s humble ourselves before God. 

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