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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More of our problems are spiritual than we often think

This is true especially in this time and age where science claims to settle each and every problem of mankind. It isn't true.
Originally the problem of mankind is traced back to his spiritual problem who entertained sin and open the door for the devil to steal, kill and destroy.
When a paralyzed man was brought to Jesus he focused on the spiritual solution of the spiritual problem of the man namely sin. Matthew 9:2 -7
When we see a women with infirmities we tend to say she must see the doctor while her problem was the devil who bound her or many years. Luke 13:12-16
The father of the lunatic child brought his child for spiritual treatment instead of taking him to mental hospital. Matthew 17:14-15
The list goes on and on...
We usually tend to make more money sacrificial our family need while our problem is spiritual curse or luck of knowledge of there of.
By this I don't mean all our problems are spiritual. But i can say that most if our problems if not all are spiritual.
Let's not waste our lives looking solutions in wrong places. Let's humble our-self before God and resist the devil who comes solely to steal, kill and destroy. Lets seek God and his word for real solutions.
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