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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Good or God idea?

Many People want to be saved by their own ways. They innovate a way to come to God. But it doesn't work. Salvation only comes by accepting God's gift of sacrifice for our sins.
After salvation, we continue seeking God to know what He wants us to do in life. We can't just guess and do "good" to please Him. Not all good ideas are God ideas. Many people think that as long as they do good in their sight it must be God’s purpose.
It takes his leading and our following. God isn't interested in our own "creative" ways of building His kingdom.
We don't dream big for God nor do what we just think He wants us to do. He has to show us specifically what He has in his mind for us to fulfill.
We don't have extra power to try and try our chance of pleasing Him. We have limited grace to fulfill what exactly God calls us to do. We don’t have extra energy to waste.
Let's not waste our lives in trying to please God in doing good which God didn’t ask us to do nor doesn’t He have in His heart for us.
Let's slow down to listen to the leading of the Holy spirit to know and follow what he has for us to do. Let's actually obey Him.

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