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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Receive from God

Most of the times we Christians know how to give to God but we must also know
how to receive from him. It is very important. Some time we are disappointed
just because we haven't received the hundred fold as we think it should be. God
rewards hundred fold. It is true but it shouldn't be always in the way we think
it should.

Most of the time, we expect God to give us in terms of money. It is true God
gives money to meet our needs in life but He also knows that money isn't
everything. Money is limited and there are things that money can’t buy. There
are spiritual values such as peace, joy rest, satisfaction that can’t be bought
just for money.
But God fulfills them directly without giving us the responsibility to manage
the money to get those spiritual values.
It isn't comfortable for us as our soul has been learned from experience that
the only way to ensure peace and satisfaction in our life is by getting money
and paying and buying things. That makes us OK.

As a matter of fact the people want money to meet those spiritual needs.
Let's trust the Lord in His priority in our live and be happy in life and in
His dealing in our day to day lives.
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